Our services leverage a simplifed outsourcing lifecycle to optimize our clients outsourcing strategies. We have designed a set of services and methodologies to support clients in all aspects of the outsourcing lifecycle, including Outsourcing Strategy, Engagement, Vendor Management and Regeneration activities.

Outsourcing Strategy: We help investigate outsourcing initiatives, establish areas of opportunity and determine the targeted benefits. Consideration is given to key tools such as scope assessment, business case development and future sourcing landscape.
  • Document current sourcing model & metrics
  • Investigate sourcing options
  • Source market intelligence
  • Scope assessment & services identification
  • Develop business case
  • Conduct feasibility impact

Engagement: We advise clients on the logical process to develop and execute the sourcing strategy and manage a transaction, leveraging your internal strategic sourcing/procurement expertise. Our clients have seen reduced cycle time with maximum focus on price/services relationship and with rigourous risk mitigation planning
  • Selection strategy & criteria
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) package
  • Pricing, Service Level Agreements & Schedules
  • Evaluation team
  • Proposal evaluation & scoring
  • Due diligence & site assessment
  • Negotiation strategy
  • Effective negotiations & contracting
  • Risk management
  • Transition planning

Vendor Management: For several clients we have developed a standardized set of tools, processes and mechanisms to measure and manage strategic vendor relationships. Our 15 operational processes are defined for capturing and communicating the health your outsourcing relationships. By designing and implementing effective governance and vendor management strategies, we have helped organizations achieve their business case objectives.
  • Develop vendor management approach
  • Design & deploy operational processes
  • Relationship reporting & governance
  • Annual performance reviews, dashboard tracking & health checks

Regenerate (R4) Review/Restructure/Renegotiate/Rebid: It's a good practice to review every service level, every outsourcing arrangement and the value the service provider is delivering to your organization at several points during your contact term. Our methodologies have found unrealized benefits for our clients who have overlooked existing relationships and not restructured to reflect their continuing business changes. When is the right time to plan end of term strategies for renegotiation and potential market rebid? We have a systematic approach that enables our clients to tackle this challenge and produce a roadmap for success.
  • Relationship health check
  • End of term strategy
  • Outcome measurement
  • Establish market benchmarks
  • Scope options for re-sourcing
  • Renewal strategy or competitive bid